'Celebrity' Players Sought by Jersey Express

Jersey Express seeks 13th player for home games.

Watching semi-professional basketball is a good time for those who enjoy the game and a little entertainment to match it.

But what’s better than watching your favorite players?

Being on the team with them.

That’s why the ABA’s Jersey Express is offering fans the opportunity to be the team’s 13th player for a day. The team plays its home games at Centenary College for the 2012-13 season.

“The 13th man or woman allows us to have a celebrity player (business man or woman, fan, etc.) become part of the team for the day,” Jersey Express owner Marsha Blount said. “They will be announced as the 13th player by our PA announcer.”

The “celebrity” will participate in the pre-game warm-ups, coaches talk and preparation, Blount said. If the player chooses, he or she can enter the game as well.

A 13th player is available for the remainder of the home games in the 2012-13 season. For those interested, Marsha Blount can be contacted at marsha@jerseyexpress.net.


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