Mars Inc. Named a Best Place to Work in 2013

Hackettstown company named to Forbes annual list.

Everyone wants to work in a place considered one of the best companies to be part of, but that's not often the case.

For employees at the privately-owned Mars Inc. in Hackettstown, that's now a reality.

The global company, established locally in 1958, has been named to Forbes Magazine's top-100 places to work in 2013, according to this report. The company has just under 12,000 employees worldwide, but has headquarters in Hackettstown.

Mars Inc. President Debra Sandler, along with three other employees, explain what's so great about the company in a video from CNNMoney.com, which can be seen here.

In October, 2012, Mars joined forces on another level with the Hackettstown community, opening its first-ever pop-up retail store on Main Street for two weeks. unveiled an honorary street name for the company along High Street, where the company's headquarters are located.

Mars, manufacturer of brands like M&Ms and Combos, ranked 95 on the list. The top company to work for, according to the report, is Google Inc.

John Worthington January 22, 2013 at 02:26 AM
Well done! It's great to see a local company win this type of recognition. Aside from being a nice "feather in the cap", it should theoretically help the company to attract high quality employees. My company was voted #1 (in the USA) Best Tech Company to Work For in 2011 by Business Insider, and we had one of the most successful IPO's in all of 2012, and we've been growing by about 30% per year for the past few years. But even after receiving that recognition and all the great press, we still find it surprisingly difficult to find talented employees with IT skills, especially software developers with Java and database skills. Somehow, the US education system isn't turning out enough qualified graduates to meet the demand. For example, right now we have 106 job openings posted, mostly in the USA. (See postings here: http://jobvite.com/m?3xk5Ffwl ) These include software sales (work from home with some travel), and IT consulting jobs where the employee can live anywhere they wish, as long as they can get to an airport to travel to a customer site for work Monday through Thursday each week, and then work from home on Fridays. The pay and benefits are extremely good, and it truly is a great company to work for. I love that I can live here in Long Valley and work for a top Silicon Valley company in a job that is very interesting and lets me see the world. I imagine Mars is big enough that employees must have some great travel opportunities there too, if they so desire.


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